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(iˈɑ goʊ)

the villain in Shakespeare's play Othello (1604).
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Noun1.Iago - the villain in William Shakespeare's tragedy who tricked Othello into murdering his wife
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Thus the man, as well as the player, may condemn what he himself acts; nay, it is common to see vice sit as awkwardly on some men, as the character of Iago would on the honest face of Mr William Mills.
I expect that Shakespeare devised Iago with a gusto which he never knew when, weaving moonbeams with his fancy, he imagined Desdemona.
Lear,' more terrible than the laughter of Iago in the tragedy of the Moor.
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Coun ab Iago said: "I accept that any form of change is difficult, but we cannot continue to do the same thing if the service does not meet the needs of young people.
And the villain of the piece, Iago, was skillful in his grasp of the lines and revelled in his plotting - but slightly lacked the opposing poles needed to convince of his true hatred of Othello.
10) In my account, the destabilizing gaze Iago makes available to Othello is not primarily Christian or European, as has been argued.
Antony Sher "added several layers of hate and racist loathing" to the role of Iago and Sello, an impressive Othello, "grizzled at the temples, proud of and secure in his achievements".
There are other grisly scenes, none more brutal than when Othello straps Iago to a chair and uses a hammer and suffocation to extract what he believes is the truth about his wife.
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