Ian Douglas Smith

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Noun1.Ian Douglas Smith - Rhodesian statesman who declared independence of Zimbabwe from Great Britain (born in 1919)
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Yet 6,000 miles away, Ian Douglas Smith, an inverted Englishman, sorry, a man of Scottish and English origin, who was the prime minister of Rhodesia at the time Salkey was writing his poem, was spewing absolute nonsense about Africans and making it look as if the "homeland" that his father, Jock, had left behind in Scotland in 1898, and that his mother's family had also left behind in Cumberland in England, had no resemblance to what Salkey was writing about.
One need only look to the experience of Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Douglas Smith.
He showed it would take a wild rhinoceros to drag Ian Douglas Smith, of then Rhodesia, to London, pictured below.