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Noun1.Ian Smith - Rhodesian statesman who declared independence of Zimbabwe from Great Britain (born in 1919)
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This is a stand-out achievement," 1PM Chief Executive Officer Ian Smith said.
Addison won it by beating Ian Smith (Prince of Wales Hotel) in the final at Old Shrewsbury, giving Telepost real hope that they can go on and claim the Division One championship after being runners-up the last two years.
Ben Geer, a white South African who fought for Ian Smith's government in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), asks awkward questions in his 1997 book, titled Something More Sinister, that probes the spread of HIV/ Aids and the experimentation with other dangerous chemical and biological weapons in the Southern African region by tne two white supremacist governments of Rhodesia and South Africa, using black people as guinea pigs.
The guests at the next meeting of Islesteps Accordion and Fiddle Club will be Tiree accordionist Ian Smith and his trio.
Hambleton's country walkers can now benefit from a new 'woodland' community initiative by The Rotary Club of Stokesley and Ian Smith of Cringle Moor House.
The two are believed to be travelling with Paige's boyfriend Aaron Tighe, 22, also known as Aaron Chadwick or Ian Smith.
Ian Smith - Whereabouts is being performed at the Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh, every night at 7pm.
College principal Zoe Lewis and Ian Smith, STEM director, watched as roof panels were lifted onto the steel structure.
Featuring comedians Ian Smith, Stephen Carlin and Rory O'Hanlon over three consecutive evenings, the event is sure to delight fans and newcomers alike.
For the last ve years the manager Ian Smith and his sta have supported me, treated me with respect, talked and comforted me and now I feel pretty good.
THE Prime Minister of Rhodesia, Ian Smith, declared his country a republic, cutting its last link with the British Crown in 1970.