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Noun1.Ian Smith - Rhodesian statesman who declared independence of Zimbabwe from Great Britain (born in 1919)
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Ian Smith, the last Prime Minister of Rhodesia, who once thumped his chest and asserted truculently that black majority rule would not happen in the hallowed lands of Rhodesia, not even in a thousand years, did not consider himself as a "statesman" even though he knew exactly what a statesman was.
The monthly club at Arc, Stockton is offering another fantastic Friday with a line-up featuring Craig Murray, Paul Myrehaug, Julian Lee and special guest MC Ian Smith.
The two are believed to be travelling with Paige's boyfriend Aaron Tighe, 22, also known as Aaron Chadwick or Ian Smith.
Ian Smith - Whereabouts is being performed at the Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh, every night at 7pm.
College principal Zoe Lewis and Ian Smith, STEM director, watched as roof panels were lifted onto the steel structure.
Ian Smith Design, one of Scotland's leading interior designers has been appointed to manage the design remit for the new Caledonian Sleeper trains which will be introduced into service from 2018.
Featuring comedians Ian Smith, Stephen Carlin and Rory O'Hanlon over three consecutive evenings, the event is sure to delight fans and newcomers alike.
For the last ve years the manager Ian Smith and his sta have supported me, treated me with respect, talked and comforted me and now I feel pretty good.
THE Prime Minister of Rhodesia, Ian Smith, declared his country a republic, cutting its last link with the British Crown in 1970.
Trevor Andrews, Waldrons; Ian Smith, Ian Smith Stationers; Terry Luckin, Whitehouse Risdale.
Police believe it is possible ex-Jaguar worker Ian Smith, aged 52, could have been hit by the taxi he had caught home to Burnaby Close, in Stockingford, late on Friday night.
Knowsley Council suspended Cllr Ian Smith for branding officers "Nazis" and calling for their resignations in a row over leisure facilities in the borough.