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 (yäsh, yä′shē)
A city of northeast Romania north-northeast of Bucharest. It was the capital of the country until 1861 and temporarily during World War I.


(Romanian ˈiaʃj)
(Placename) a city in NE Romania: capital of Moldavia (1565–1859); university (1860). Pop: 280 000 (2005 est). German name: Jassy


(ˈyɑ si)

a city in NE Romania. 330,000.
Romanian, Iaşi.
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Further, HRH, accompanied by the delegation, visited the city hall at the palace of culture and was received by the Mayor of Iasi, followed by a brief meeting with him during which the Princess accepted the title of Ambassador of Iasi.
Following the combination, Olimp Iasi will operate as Mareea Iasi, keeping its current location in the northeastern Iasi city, Usturoiu, who is also Mareeaa[euro](tm)s general director, said.
After 1945 he did not return to Iasi, and held various temporary positions in Bucharest, among them that of Professor of Mathematics and Mechanics at the Military Academy of Bucharest.
Hope International, based in Co Donegal, vowed to bring any money or materials directly to the cash-strapped hospital in Iasi.
In the afternoon, starting at 14:30 manifestations have continued at a Interclub ACAR in Iasi which brought together over 100 families and individuals receiving in time the support from the association, an occasion that a relaxed, informal celebration for families to share their thoughts, feelings, emotions in a warm atmosphere.
Its founder and primary physician manager was Alexandru Braescu, who set the foundations of modern psychiatric assistance, scientific research, and psychiatric education at the Faculty of Medicine in Iasi (1).
Implementing agency : Universitatea de Stiinte Agricole si Medicina Veterinara Ion Ionescu de la Brad Iasi
NICOLINA NR88 BL1001 SCA AP2 , Localitatea Iasi , Cod postal 6600 , Romania ,
Contract award notice: Lucrari de construire (inclusiv diverse si neprevazute) aferente proiectului Reabilitarea infrastructurii rutiere in zona industriala a municipiului Iasi .