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The Ibibios in the then Cross Rivers state who were described as the fifth largest tribe in Nigeria at that time wanted a state of their own although they dominated the business and the civil service echelon in Cross Rivers state, yet they wanted a state of their own to have fully an identity.
Pronounced traits of Animism can be found among the Ibibios, the Efiks, the Ogoja tribes, and Sierra Leone tribes in West Africa, among some tribes around the great equatorial lakes of Eastern Africa and among the Kung bushmen of Southern Africa .
Una vez adoptada por los ibibios del este, la cultura del name de agua se extendio tierra adentro a lo largo de la cuenca del rio Cross, probablemente a traves de la actividad de los comerciantes de esclavos aro, que en ese momento eran los intermediarios entre el comercio del interior y la costa.