Ibizan hound

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I·bi·zan hound

 (ĭ-bē′zən, -zän)
A swift, slender, medium-sized hunting dog developed in the Balearic Islands, having a red and white coat of short or wiry hair.

[After Ibiza.]
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Ibizan hound

(Breeds) a tall slender short-haired breed of hound with large erect ears and a coat of white, chestnut, or tan, or of a combination of these colours
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Ibi′zan hound′

one of a breed of tall, slender hounds with a long, narrow head, large erect ears, and usu. a red and white coat.
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Noun1.Ibizan hound - breed of slender agile medium-sized hound found chiefly in the Balearic Islands; said to have been bred originally by the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt
hound, hound dog - any of several breeds of dog used for hunting typically having large drooping ears
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Average withers height (62 cm) obtained in this study is shorter than for the Russian Borzoi, Irish Wolfhound, Afghan Hound, Arabian Greyhound, Chart Polski, Galgo Espanol, English Greyhound, Ibizan Hound, Kyrgyz Taigan, Magyar Agar, Scottish Deerhound, Sloughi, and earlier measurements for the Turkish Tazi (Tepeli, 2003).
Ibizan hound (ihb-ih-z hn) The Ibizan hound is an ancient hound that was originally bred for hunting rabbits.
In contrast, the Pharoah Hound and Ibizan Hound, which resemble pictures on ancient Egyptian tomb walls, turn out to be modern recreations of the body type from other breeds.