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See Eblis.
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This theme also appeared indirectly in his 2015 series Leabat Iblis (Iblis' Game, or The Devil's Game).
Their oldest lion, Iblis, is actually an important part of the European Endangered Species Breeding Programme.
But most gripping is the story of former student activist Iblis, who was abducted and tortured by the military in the 1990s.
His partner of five years, Kumari, is losing interest in him, so the keepers decide they need to get Iblis into shape to impress her.
Iblis, the Asiatic lion, right, and Rico the sloth, below
Meanwhile, rare Asiatic lion Iblis seems to be losing his sex appeal - Kumari, his partner of five years, is losing interest.
It is because of this narrative of a fallen angel, which has similarities with the story of Iblis 6 the name for the devil in Islam 6 that Yazidis have been called "devil-worshippers" by some Iraqi Muslims.
I replied, "When you say 'out of injustice,' Commander of the Faithful, it has already become clear to the ignorant and the thoughtful alike; when you say 'out of envy,' Iblis was envious of Adam, and we are his offspring who are envied.
So when Iblis (Satan) saw them mourning and lamenting over him, he took the form of a man and came to them, saying: 'I see that you are mourning and lamenting over him.
This is why a group of predecessors - Ath-Thawri is one of them - said: Innovation is dearer to Iblis than disobedience.