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Ibn Khal·dun

(kăl-do͞on′, KHäl-) 1332-1406.
Arab historian. His Muqaddimah (c. 1375) is an important work on the theory of history.
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A very dense network of relationsships was established between these countries (Ibn Khaldoun and Ibn Rachik mobility programmes for students and researchers, joint research projects, intra-university partnerships, etc).
Also, a bomb went off near Ibn Khaldoun school in Raqqa city, killing two SDF militias.
Medics and military official affirmed that Ibn Khaldoun hospital and this of Saber in Lahj and Jomhoury and Nakib in Aden have been receiving since Saturday 276 injures of officers, soldiers and mercenaries of the coalition.
Starting June 26, readers will find a large digital selection of popular Arabic language titles in the Kindle Store including books from leading authors like Naguib Mahfouz, and Nizar Qabani, best-sellers like Al Aswad Yaliko Biki and Harbo Alkalbi Athania, classics like Ibn Khaldoun's Muqadimah, Al-Mutanabbi's anthology, and Kalila wa Dimna as well as translated English language bestsellers like How to Win Friends and Influence People, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, A Tale of Two Cities and Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.
An event will be held on Monday at 6.30pm at Ibn Khaldoun Social Centre in Arad marking the day.
A ceremony will be organised on Monday at 6.30 PM at Ibn Khaldoun Social Centre in the area of Arad.
La vieille Casbah, ou Ibn Khaldoun a fait un sejour, est a quelques pas.
The first place winner was Jassim Bin Hamad Independent Secondary School for Boys, while Ibn Khaldoun Preparatory Independent School for Boys, Ahmed Bin Hanbal Secondary School for Boys, Abdulrahman Bin Jassim Preparatory Independent School for Boys and Saad Bin Maaz Elementary School for Boys won the second, third, fourth and fifth positions respectively.
Par ailleurs, l'atelier Ibn Khaldoun des recherches sociale a projete une piece theatrale, intitulee [beaucoup moins que] Tachachs [beaucoup plus grand que], une rencontre ouverte avec les etudiants autour des scenes de theatre relatant des experiences de la detention politique 1973/1990, animees par Rachid Outarhoute, enseignant chercheur a la faculte des lettres, un expose autour des droits economiques, organise par le club universitaire pour le developpement rural et anime par Said Khalil, enseignant a la meme faculte, le club des jeunes createurs a organise un recital poetique, supervise par M.
In a press statement, the embassy said Saturday that the Kuwaiti cabinet had announced a one million euro-grant to the Islamic Council of Marseille to finance the construction of Ibn Khaldoun School.
To theorize the rupture produced by global Israel I utilize the work of the 14th century Arab scholar, Ibn Khaldoun, especially his concept of the nomad as a lens to understand mobility as a central aspect of human life.