ice box

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ثَلاجَة كَبيرَه، خِزانَة تَبْريد


(ais) noun
1. frozen water. The pond is covered with ice.
2. an ice-cream. chocolate ice-cream. Three ices, please.
3. (American) a fruit-flavoured frozen dessert usually made without milk and cream. lemon ice(s).
to cover with icing. She iced the cake.
ˈicing noun
a mixture of sugar, white of egg, water etc used to cover or decorate cakes.
ˈicy adjective
1. very cold. icy winds.
2. covered with ice. icy roads.
3. unfriendly. an icy tone of voice.
ˈicily adverb
ˈiciness noun
ice age
a time when a great part of the earth's surface was covered with ice.
ice axe
a type of axe used by mountain climbers to cut holds in ice for their hands and feet.
ˈiceberg noun
a huge mass of ice floating in the sea.
ice box
(American) a refrigerator.
ˌice-ˈcream noun
cream or a mixture of creamy substances, flavoured and frozen. chocolate ice-cream.
ˈice-cube noun
a small cube of ice used for cooling drinks etc.
ice rink
a large room or building with a floor of ice for skating.
ice-skate verb
to skate on ice.
ice-skating noun
ice tray
a metal or plastic tray for making ice-cubes in a refrigerator.
ice over/up
to become covered with ice. The pond iced over during the night; The windows have iced up.
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