Ice float

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a sheet of floating ice similar to an ice field, but smaller.

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The commercial navigation of the Danube River in its Bulgarian section has been restored as the ice float disappeared, the Bulgarian Transport Ministry announced Friday night.
If ice and water are made up of the same small particles, why does ice float at the top of a drink?
White and blue chunks of ice float in the water and circle the boat in an amazing way while seagulls coo in the distance.
(ii) Why does ice float on the surface of water although it is closer to earthly nature in its accumulation of cold and in its concrete solidity?
We might not literally send them out on an ice float to die, in keeping with Inuit folklore, but metaphorically it sometimes feels like it.
The reemerging ice float on the Danube River has damaged severely one of Bulgaria's major river port, Silistra.
His last question is related to one of the most important observable phenomenon: why does ice float on water?
They were able to estimate that each polar bear would need to consume one to three more seals a year to make up for the extra energy spent due to the increase in ice float speed.
The warmer weather next week will also contribute to the reduction of the ice float on the Danube river.
A young woman and a three-year-old girl suffered less serious injuries when they were also struck by coins on the Disney On Ice float.
The ice float is expected to expand further over the weekend.