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n.1.(Zool.) An Arctic sea bird, as the Arctic fulmar.
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Leading rescue service operator expands their AgustaWestland helicopter fleet and adds the new generation AW169, marking a milestone in Project Icebird.
Rosie, who was awarded an MBE in 2009, is running more than 200 miles over 29 days while pulling her survival cart, named Icebird.
On her journey she is pulling a cart - Icebird - which she took around the world.
WHEN STEPHEN MURRAY-SMITH voyaged to Antarctica with the Australian Antarctic Division on the Icebird in the summer of 1985-86, he had moments of high excitement, profound boredom, homesickness, intellectual challenge, despair, unexpected patriotism, and deep professional satisfaction--and he also had this moment: sailing steadily through a placid sea towards Davis station, the sun low on the horizon as midnight approached, the Icebird came up against a great rampart of ice.
In a second incident, just half-an-hour later, a sailor on the cargo boat Icebird died after being hit by a piece of flailing rope.
In a separate accident, another crewman was killed during the berthing of the cargo ship Icebird at the Shetland catch fish factory.
During her marathons, her wheeled sleeping pod, called Icebird, which she has slept in every night, broke twice and had to be welded back together by friendly engineers.
Iamactuallyrunningthe26marathonswhile draggingmy Icebird trolley, whichweighs 200lb.
Well known for running around the world with her trusty cart Icebird - her book of that adventure, Just a Little Run Around the World, can be purchased from Amazon - Rosie explains: "It has been hard finding the time to train this time, as I have been busy lecturing and earning money to enable me to take on this challenge.
She ran 21,000 miles in five years, pulling along her cart, the Icebird, which carries everything she needs to survive her fundraising challenges.
I am actually running the 26 marathons while dragging my Icebird trolley, which weighs 200lb.