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1. A sturdy ship built for breaking a passage through icebound waters. Also called iceboat.
2. A protective pier or dock apron used as a buffer against floating ice.
a. Something done or said to relax an unduly formal atmosphere or situation.
b. A beginning; a start.

ice′break′ing n.
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1. (Nautical Terms) Also called: iceboat a vessel with a reinforced bow for breaking up the ice in bodies of water to keep channels open for navigation
2. (Tools) any tool or device for breaking ice into smaller pieces
3. something intended to relieve mutual shyness at a gathering of strangers
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(ˈaɪsˌbreɪ kər)

1. a ship specially built for breaking navigable passages through ice.
2. something that eases tension or relieves formality.
3. a tool for chopping ice into small pieces.
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Noun1.icebreaker - a ship with a reinforced bow to break up ice and keep channels open for navigationicebreaker - a ship with a reinforced bow to break up ice and keep channels open for navigation
ship - a vessel that carries passengers or freight
2.icebreaker - a beginning that relaxes a tense or formal atmosphere; "he told jokes as an icebreaker"
commencement, start, beginning - the act of starting something; "he was responsible for the beginning of negotiations"
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[ˈaɪsˌbreɪkəʳ] Nrompehielos m inv
we used the video as an icebreakerel vídeo nos sirvió para romper el hielo
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[ˈaɪsˌbreɪkəʳ] nrompighiaccio m inv (fig) (for group of students) gioco o esercizio fatto per rompere il ghiaccio all'inizio di una lezione
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The tried and tested abrasion resistant system has a proven 47-year track record of performing in temperatures as low as -50-degreeC and has already been used on more than 1,600 ships and icebreakers around the world.
It has already received work to provide interim icebreakers.
The ship, dubbed the Ural and which was floated out from a dockyard in St Petersburg, is one of a trio that when completed will be the largest and most powerful icebreakers in the world.
The service also needs more icebreakers to compete with potential adversaries like Russia and China, which are enhancing their presence in the Arctic, he noted.
Speaking to Congress in May, the commandant of the US Coast Guard, Admiral Paul Zukunft, revealed that Washington was considering fitting anti-ship cruise missiles to its latest generation of icebreakers, a major departure from these vessels' primary research and rescue role.
Heini Noronen-Juhola, Vice President of airport operator Finavia, said buying the Raiko machine meant the facility would gain valuable experience of working with icebreakers and would be better able to make decisions when purchasing similar equipment as a result.
Russian shipping firm Sovcomflot has attained year-round navigation to Novy Port in the shallow waters of the Ob estuary using icebreaking tankers escorted by icebreakers. Oil is shipped westbound to Murmansk and beyond to Europe, and, as in the cases of Norilsk and Sabetta, eastbound voyages along the NSR are feasible in the summer.
Hunter then encouraged Trump to invest in building six more icebreakers for the Coast Guard, which currently only has two. is a dating site that connects it's members based on their interests usings it's feature Icebreaker. Icebreakers are interest groups created and updated on a monthly basis.
The ship was one of several icebreakers built at the Low Walker yard of Armstrong Whitworth and launched as the Siyatogor (Holy Mountain) on August 3, 1916.
However, little has been published about the impacts on polar bears of offshore petroleum exploration activities, including shipping and icebreakers (Peacock et al., 2011; Wilson et al., 2014).