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ice field

1. A large expanse of ice covering a mountainous region and consisting of several interconnected glaciers.
2. An extensive area of ice on the surface of the ocean, consisting of multiple ice floes and covering an area that is greater than 10 kilometers (6 miles) across.
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ice field



1. (Physical Geography) a very large flat expanse of ice floating in the sea; large ice floe
2. (Physical Geography) a large mass of ice permanently covering an extensive area of land
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ice′ field`

a large sheet of floating ice, larger than an ice floe.
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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: field - a large flat mass of ice (larger than an ice floe) floating at seaice field - a large flat mass of ice (larger than an ice floe) floating at sea
ice mass - a large mass of ice
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It is possible that both gossans are connected beneath an intervening icefield. Samples have been sent for assay and work is continuing in an effort to cover as much of the gossanous region as possible.
The project occurs along the eastern margin of the Cambria Icefield, approximately seven kilometres east of the advanced-staged Red Mountain Deposit that was recently acquired by Ascot Resources from IDM Mining.
The sonar allowed the team to image and profile large swaths of the underwater ice, where the glacier drains from the Stikine Icefield. Also gathered were data on the temperature, salinity and velocity of the water downstream from the glacier, which allowed the researchers to estimate the meltwater flow.
They have the opportunity to mush their own sled team of huskies across the snowcapped Juneau Icefield, learning the tricks of the trade from seasoned veterans of Alaska's legendary Iditarod.
It's just one of eight glaciers that feed the 125-square-mile Columbia Icefield, the largest expanse of ice in the Rocky Mountains.
The Athabasca Glacier - part of the Columbia Icefield in the Rockies - is best seen from Ice Explorer buses that take visitors to walk on the ancient ice.
The land was originally set aside to conserve jewels like the Harding Icefield, the largest ice field entirely within the United States.
With sensory perception on a spin, I could only assimilate the magnificence of the drive through the Icefield Parkway once I halted at the Columbia Icefield.
The group visited a skywalk viewpoint run by a private company at the Columbia Icefield, which some Canadians have criticized for being intrusive and disruptive of the natural environment.
High Adventure: Byron Harmon in the Columbia Icefield, 1924