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(Placename) another name for Mersin


or Icel,

1. Iceland.
2. Icelandic.
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Adana, Ankara, Antalya, Bartin, Bolu, Bursa, Cankiri, Corum, Duzce, Hakkari, Hatay, Icel, Izmir, Kahramanmaras, Karabuk, Kastamonu, Kirikkale, Konya, Mus, Nevsehir, Nigde, Osmaniye and Tunceli provinces.
O la Universidad ICEL para terminar una licenciatura en tres anos, "sin descuidar lo que mas quieres".
Offa's great-grandson, Icel, may have led his people either during the great migration from their homeland to East Anglia or else soon after their arrival in what would become Angleland - England.
Estimates of feces production, presented in Table 3, were adequately predicted by iCEL and iLIG regardless of technique used, resulting in an average of 2.
Nowadays mules are raised in provinces of Ordu, Van, Hakkari, Sirnak, Mardin, Icel and Balikesir, which have mountainous areas.
ICEL released its first full English translation in 1970; that English text was used with minor changes until November of this year.
The utter impoverishment of the old ICEL 'translations' will become more and more evident the more we become accustomed to the new one.
The first, by the stalwart of Catholic education, Gini Shimabukuro of ICEL, offers practical insights into developing a spirituality for teaching.
For the first time ever using LED technology, it is possible to provide a discrete emergency lighting solution powered from mains 240V track, which complies with ICEL emergency requirements.
Afyon, Usak, Isparta, Burdur, Denizli, Aydin, Izmir, Manisa, Kastamonu, Amasya, Ordu, Malatya, Ankara, Kayseri, Nigde, Konya, Adana, Icel, Antalya, Kibris).
54 people were arrested in raids on party offices in the southern province of Icel on May 24, which were ordered by state security prosecutors after an unspecified publication was banned.