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An ancient Celtic tribe of eastern Britain who under Queen Boudicca fought unsuccessfully against the Romans about ad 60.

[Latin Icenī.]

I·ce′nic (-nĭk) adj.
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pl n
(Historical Terms) an ancient British tribe that rebelled against the Romans in 61 ad under Queen Boudicca
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According to accounts by historians, including the Roman Tacitus, Boudica - which is also spelled Boudicca or Boedicea - rose up against the Romans after her husband Prasutagus, ruler of the Iceni, died and they decided to rule the tribe directly.
BROMWICH Hardy and Cushman & Wakefield have been appointed by Rolls-Royce to market 26,600 sq ft of Grade A office accommodation located within the iconic Iceni building at Warwick Technology Park.
Iceni Pharmaceuticals is planning a Phase II safety/efficacy trial of Cilcane starting in 2017 aimed at relapsed refractory patients who have already received one prior therapy of proteasome inhibitor.
Originally developed by Iceni Energy, the Snetterton plant achieved planning consent in July 2012.
Called the Iceni, the car has a claimed top speed in excess of 190mph and the ability to run for 2,000 miles on a single tank of mineral or bio-diesel.
Called the Iceni, the car is claimed to have a top speed in excess of 190mph and the ability to run for 2000 miles on a single tank of mineral or bio-diesel.
Auto Business News-April 30, 2014--Trident launches Iceni
UK sports car brand Trident have unveiled their flagship Iceni - the world's most efficient diesel sports car.
In 60 AD the occupying Romans prompted British Queen Boadicea into rebellion by turning a gift that her Iceni tribe didn't want into a loan they couldn't repay.
It's up to Iceni and Drakon to set up a flotilla through space that can move above the feuds wrecking a fragile peace--but military operations and assassination attempts are relentless and a new threat appears that may render all these points moot.
How about Boudicea, Queen of the Celtic Iceni tribe, a true warrior queen.