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(iˈtʃi kɑˌwɑ)

a city on E Honshu, in Japan, NE of Tokyo. 437,000.
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Despite the developments, both Ichikawa and Yamaoka rejected growing calls from the opposition camp to step down.
One of the suspects is linked to the theft of cash and electronics from the house of Honda Motors regional boss Hirohide Ichikawa.
MFLP Ichikawa Shiohama to GLP J-REIT announced in June 2016.
Also, Hiroshi Ichikawa has been appointed vice president and general manager of ICON'S operations in Japan.
Patent 8,714,401 (May 6, 2014), "Stretched and Foamed Plastic Container and Method of Producing the Same," Kentarou Ichikawa, Nobuhisa Koiso, and Norio Akuzawa (Toyo Seikan Kaisha, Ltd.
This situation was spelled out clearly by the chairman of the board of Hino Motors Limited, Masakazu Ichikawa, who visited South Africa in May to attend the opening of Hino SA's new manufacturing plant in Durban.
Yuichiro Ichikawa stated that one of the primary objectives of the joint venture was to transfer drilling rig technology and the capabilities of operating drilling rigs safely and efficiently from JDC to a Qatari company on a structured and sustainable basis.
Inventors: Toshiaki Sakaki, Naoya Ichikawa, Takayuki Hattori, Chee-Cheong Ho and Choong Dick Hean
Masakuza Ichikawa, interviewe par le Progres Egyptien, a mis le doigt sur les obstacles ayant entrave la mise en vigueur des plans de developpement.
Actor Kagawa debuts in Kabuki, succeeds Ichikawa Chusha
But for award-winning actor Teruyuki Kagawa, who will be making his stage debut on June 5 in Tokyo, it is a meaningful journey to rediscover his roots and make up for the decades he never got to spend with his father, Kabuki actor Ichikawa Ennosuke III.
Japanese Defense Minister Yasuo Ichikawa and his Mongolian counterpart Luvsanvandan Bold signed a memorandum Wednesday to boost defense cooperation between their nations via subcabinet-level dialogue and other exchanges.