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n.1.In early Christian and ecclesiastical art, an emblematic fish, or the Greek word for fish, which combined the initials of the Greek words Ihsoy^s, Christo`s, Qeoy^ Gio`s Swth`r, Jesus, Christ, Son of God, Savior.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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This action sparked some local outcry, but the parents of the deceased soldiers eventually agreed to allow the ichthus to stay covered as long as the memorial could remain at the Boone County Courthouse next to monuments to veterans of other conflicts.
* Creation Festival Kentucky (Ichthus): July 8-11 (Lexington, Kentucky)
op sy beurt is die gedig omvattend geinteresseer in die beleefbaar eksistensiele benoembare en vermoedelike onnaspeurbare Onbenoembare: hoe die vis deur my ingewande gekonsumeer word tot drek en tegelyk Ichthus simboliseer die iiggaam kan selfs as hy vermink is homself in 'n raptus mentis tot die eteriese sublimeer die gedig verklaar die omblom van soma in pleroma is en bly onverklaarbaar die gedig wil die geveg tussen karnaval en lent in 'n onbesliste gewapende stilstand op die ou end in taal besweer Karnaval en Lent is 'n waardige toevoeging tot Cloete se oeuvre; 'n merkwaardige bundel deur 'n merkwaardige digter.
The company's logo, which includes an ichthus symbol, appears onscreen throughout.
The complexity of the image becomes even more evident when it is recalled that, from the first century onwards, the drawn symbol for a fish, the ICHTHUS, was used as a means for Christians to identify one another.9 Radford's last image, then, reintroduces the anti-Semitism theme that extends throughout the film: the Venetian Christians see themselves preyed upon by Jewish usury, and with their power, they damage, but not kill Jews, since they have something of value to be plucked from them.
There is a cross on the riser and the cutouts near the limb pockets are in the shape of the ichthus (Jesus fish) symbol.
Developments in 2007: Outperformed all major stock indexes, with a 41% increase in share and completed three acquisitions: Segal Miller, Ichthus Consulting and Healthcare Business Resources.
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THE BEDINGFIELDS Like recent album chart toppers Athlete, Daniel and Natasha Bedingfield got their first break via the evangelical church group Ichthus. While Ichthus organises youth services, events and missions in a string of churches across South London and Kent, both the Bedingfields and Athlete have been reluctant to talk about their faith, fearing a backlash from fans suspicious of religion.