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(Palaeontology) an extinct Cretaceous sea bird of the genus Ichthyornis, thought to have resembled a tern
[C19: New Latin, from ichthy- + Greek ornis bird]


(ˌɪk θiˈɔr nɪs)

any ternlike bird of the extinct Cretaceous genus Ichthyornis.
[< Greek ichthy- ichthy- + órnis bird]
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As shown in Table 1, the TMM humeri are similar to the Marsh specimens of Ichthyornis dispar, including the type.
The type specimen of Ichthyornis dispar is from Rooks County, Kansas, from a locality mapped in the combined zones of Cladoceramus undulatoplicatus and Platyceramus platinus by Stewart (1988),--his Protosphyraena Zone D.