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Any of a group of substances that are derived from arachidonic acid, including leukotrienes, prostaglandins, and thromboxanes.

[eicosan(e), chemical name (Greek eikosi, twenty, from its twenty carbon atoms; see wīkm̥tī- in Indo-European roots + -ane) + -oid.]


any of a group of compounds, including the leukotrienes and the prostglandins, which are produced by the oxygenation of essential fatty acids and which are involved in a range of physiological processes, including inflammation and immunity
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We observed several significantly enriched categories such as metabolic process related terms; icosanoid metabolic process (p-value: 0.0818) and unsaturated fatty acid metabolic process (0.0818), and defense response related terms; defense response (0.049), response to bacterium (0.0019), defense response to bacterium (0.0013).
ID Name P-value GO:0004953 Icosanoid receptor activity 1.525 x [10.sup.-6] GO:0004955 Prostaglandin receptor activity 2.879 x [10.sup.-5] GO:0004954 Prostanoid receptor activity 3.729 x [10.sup.-5] GO:0001892 Embryonic placenta development 9.795 x [10.sup.-5] GO:0004958 Prostaglandin F receptor activity 1.595 x [10.sup.-4] GO:0060706 Cell differentiation involved in 2.868 x [10.sup.-4] embryonic placenta development GO:0001890 Placenta development 5.151 x [10.sup.-4] GO:0004982 N-formyl peptide receptor 7.342 x [10.sup.-4] activity GO:0009265 2' -deoxyribonucleotide 7.342 x [10.sup.-4] biosynthetic process G0:0046385 Deoxyribose phosphate 7.342 x [10.sup.-4] biosynthetic process TABLE 9: TriGen algorithm control parameters for Mouse GDS4442 Dataset.
Linoleic acid is a dietary essential that is necessary for integrity of the skin, cell membranes, the immune system, and for synthesis of icosanoids. Icosanoids are necessary for reproductive, cardiovascular, renal, and gastrointestinal functions and resistance to disease (Dupont et al., 1990).