Bullock's oriole

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Bullock's oriole

A songbird (Icterus bullockii) of western North America, having black and orange plumage with large white wing patches in the male and yellowish brown plumage in the female. It was formerly considered a subspecies of the northern oriole.

[After William Bullock, 19th-century British naturalist.]

Bul′lock's o′riole

(ˈbʊl əks)
a North American oriole, Icterus galbula bullockii, the western subspecies of the northern oriole.
[1855–60, Amer.; after William Bullock, 19th-century English naturalist]
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Noun1.Bullock's oriole - western subspecies of northern orioleBullock's oriole - western subspecies of northern oriole
Icterus galbula, northern oriole - a kind of New World oriole
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