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 (ī′də), Mount
A peak, 2,456 m (8,058 ft) high, of central Crete. It is the highest elevation on the island and in ancient times was closely associated with the worship of Zeus.


1. (Placename) a mountain in central Crete: the highest on the island; in ancient times associated with the worship of Zeus. Height: 2456 m (8057 ft). Modern Greek name: Idhi
2. (Placename) a mountain in NW Turkey, southeast of the site of ancient Troy. Height: 1767 m (5797 ft). Turkish name: Kaz Daği


abbreviation for
(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) International Development Association


(ˈaɪ də)

n. Mount,
1. Turkish, Kazdagi. a mountain in W Turkey, in NW Asia Minor, SE of ancient Troy. 5810 ft. (1771 m).
2. the highest mountain in Crete. 8058 ft. (2456 m).
I•dae•an (aɪˈdi ən) adj.


a suffix of the names of zoological orders and classes: Arachnida.
[< New Latin, taken as neuter pl. of Latin -idēs offspring of < Greek; see -id1]


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Noun1.IDA - an agency of the United Nations affiliated with the World Bank
UN agency, United Nations agency - an agency of the United Nations


N ABBR =International Development AssociationAIF f
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For his part, Ahmed Abdel Razik, head of the IDA, said that the IDA has become the only authority responsible for granting industrial facilities licenses and approvals necessary for the operation of industrial facilities, which makes it easier for investors to obtain land, licenses, and approvals from only one place (the IDA).
IDA is one of the largest sources of assistance for the world's 75 poorest countries, 39 of which are in Africa.
The differentiation between IDA and ssTT is important because of two main reasons, first, because Hb won't improve in ssTT if it is misdiagnosed as IDA and unnecessary iron being prescribed by the attending physician.
IDA has expertise in establishing regulatory and development pathways for Japan and implementing Pan Asian clinical trials to achieve both Japanese and global regulatory objectives.
On Wednesday, the Cabinet approved the establishment of a new company named Industrial Development Company (IDC) to manage industrial zones that are already under the supervision of the IDA.
IDA is associated with several types of hearing loss, including sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) and conducted hearing loss (CHL).
Pakistan represented South Asian beneficiary countries on the occasion During the course of the deliberations it was decided that investment in growth resilience, gender, job creation and climate resilience would be the target sectors for IDA financing.
Total employment at IDA client companies now stands at 161,112 people, the highest level in the history of IDA Ireland.
3) the benefit and need for follow-up was the most common element not discussed or documented by the IDA.
The possible areas of collaboration under this MOU include training and education in desalination and water reuse, and the organization of IDA Desalination Academy training programs held alongside key conferences such as Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) and the SaudiWater and Power Forum, Jeddah, where the Academy will hold its next set of training courses.
The companies will employ more than 750 people, and the investment into building purchase, land acquisition, equipment purchase and capital investment in the Town of Babylon will be more than $59 million, according to the IDA.