n.1.The science which treats of the origin of ideas.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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3) A talk delivered by Adnan Shahid (CIO Ideogeny) on Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
We had Muneeb Idrees, Co-Founder at Rocket Internet GmbH; Syed Ahmed, Vice Chairman at P@SHA and CEO at DPL; Adnan Shahid, CIO - Chief Ideas Officer at Ideogeny and Chief Operating Officer at Branding Bees; Obaidullah Khawaja, Entrepreneur, founder and CEO at Sovoia; Saj Khan, Senior Program Manager,; Faisal Khan, award-winning entrepreneur; Mohammad Yousuf Khan, Master Strategic Planner at Six Sigma Associates; Adnan Ali, Marketing Technologist; Fahad Yaqub, Developer at Scrybe; Jibran Ghani, Digital Marketing Manager at Vopium; Hasan Mubarak, Business Development Manager at Vopium A/S; Zubair Khan, CEO at Tranchulas; Zeeshan Haider, COO at Askoli, and Rohan David Emmanuel from Coffee Shop Gurus.
Ashraf Mehmood - Dean MSC, Ammar Jaffri - President PISA, Ameen Shareef, Adnan Shahid - Chief Idea Officer, Ideogeny and Dr.