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Any of the epitopes (antigenic determinants) that are found in the variable region of a particular immunoglobulin molecule and together make up the molecule's idiotype.

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Approximately 25% of BALB/c antibodies to 3-FL expressed the crossreactive idiotope described previously.
The network is activated when an antibody (cell receptor) recognises antigen and the network is suppressed when an antibody recognises an idiotope.
Methods are provided for inhibiting the differentiation of adipocyte precursor cells, and for treating or preventing obesity, which comprise administering an effective amount of a composition capable of binding to and activating the EGF receptor, preferably epidermal EGF or a functional derivative thereof, TGF Alpha , an antibody specific for the EGF receptor or an anti-idiotypic antibody specific for an idiotope on an antibody specific for EGF.
He would have thus comprehended, without sacrificing complexity, the writer's idiotope.
We speculate that the patient's antibody binds to an idiotope on one of the antibodies used in the AxSYM assay and sterically blocks the binding of TSH to that antibody.