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Any of the epitopes (antigenic determinants) that are found in the variable region of a particular immunoglobulin molecule and together make up the molecule's idiotype.

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Artificial immune network model is based on the theory of immune network, which states that the immune cells act as a mutually reinforcing network constructed by the matching between paratopes and idiotopes of antibodies.
Ioannides, "Functional idiotopes: tumor antigen-directed expression of CD8+ T-cell epitopes nested in unique NH2-terminal VH sequence of antiidiotypic antibodies?" Cancer Research, vol.
This high percentage suggests a clonotypic recognition, where several B-1a clones are involved, which can be explained by the presence of a regulatory idiotope on P3 variable region [15].
That suggested that the idiotypic determinants (idiotopes) are related to the anti-3-FL binding site.
The network is activated when an antibody (cell receptor) recognises antigen and the network is suppressed when an antibody recognises an idiotope. The immune network theory suggests that the receptor molecules contained in the surface of the immune cells present idiotopes, and these idiotopes are displayed in and/or around the same portions of the receptors that recognize non-self antigens.
They may, however, show activity against idiotopes, which are not present in nonimmune globulin (8), or against conjugated detector antibodies (8,18).
If this is true, we also would assume that the HAMAs insensitive to MAK33 are directed against allotypic or idiotypic epitopes (idiotopes) not related to the isotype of the Ig[G.sub.1[kappa]] antibodies.