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 (ĭg′bō) also I·bo (ē′bō)
n. pl. Igbo or Ig·bos also Ibo or I·bos
1. A member of a people inhabiting southeast Nigeria.
2. The Benue-Congo language of the Igbo.
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n, pl -bo or -bos
1. (Languages) a variant spelling of Ibo
2. (Peoples) a variant spelling of Ibo
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(ˈi boʊ)

n., pl. I•bos, (esp. collectively) I•bo.
1. a member of an African people of SE Nigeria, living mainly N and NE of the Niger River delta.
2. the Kwa language of the Ibo.
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Noun1.Igbo - a member of the largest ethnic group in southeastern Nigeria; "most Igbo are farmers"
ethnic group, ethnos - people of the same race or nationality who share a distinctive culture
Nigerian - a native or inhabitant of Nigeria
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Reacting, PDP stated that Kanu is not a freedom fighter but a businessman out to make money from Igbo politicians and businessmen.
Finally 3 million innocent and defencless Igbo civilians, including one million children, were targetted and butchered by the Nigerian Army and the northern 'Gwodo-Gwodo' auxilleries and militias during the Nigerian civil war between 1967 and 1970.
"Igbo culture is rooted in age-long traditions and worldview," said Dr.
Last September, an announcement via social media suddenly brought some of these processes to a head amongst my people--the 35-40m Igbo speakers of Nigeria.
"They claim to be descendants of the lost tribes of Israel and today observe religious practices very similar to rabbinical Judaism," i24NEWS reporter Elinor Lalo says as she shows footage of the Igbo Jews praying the traditional Jewish afternoon prayer.
Maybe Igbo names are not befitting for a baptismal name.
Extramarital sex can at times constitute a remarkable feature in Igbo traditional humane living.
The countercoup of July, 29th, 1966 which claimed the lives of mostly Igbo officers (including that of General J.T.U.
Scholars of English literature discuss African oral literature as it manifests in Igbo. They cover the poetic genres, prose genres, drama genres, rhetorical genres, and across the genres.
The same will be explained through the literary text namely, Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe that offers a detailed view of gender stratification of the Igbo Society as existed before colonization and reveals astonishing arrangements existed in the apparently illiterate Igbo Society to maintain a gender harmony.
For the Igbo students at Roseville University, located in southwest Nigeria, the construction of uwa Ndi-Igbo (the Igbo world) is pertinent, bearing in mind that Roseville is situated in the southwest, far removed from the south-eastern region, the homeland of the Igbo.
Section 3 dwells on the description of negative marking strategies in different construction types in Igbo. The v-movement analysis and how it relates to negation is explored in section 4.