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Noun1.Igigi - any of a group of heavenly spirits under the god Anu
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2), and kingship over the Igigi and Anunnaki, sarrut(LUGAL-[u.sub.2]-ut) [.sup.d][i.sub.2]-[gi.sub.3]-[gi.sub.3] [u.sub.3] [.sup.d]a-nun-[na-ki] (1.
The F-word--yes BFB--yes Positive reference to marketers Negative reference to marketers (sample) (sample) Boutique Lucie Lu and their PETA advertisements clothing options V Magazine's plus size fashion American Apparel advertisements shoot Etsy online marketplace Weight Watchers claims Igigi store Plus size clothing line of Forever 21 Southwestern airlines for demanding fat passengers to purchase two seats.
Pages packed with lovely color photos by Richard Boll accompany discussions of the basic principles of display and design, coupled with the thought of the proprietors of the Igigi General Store.
Ellison chose to name their shop, where pieces are sourced from all over Europe, after the Igigi, said to be the gods of the skies and earth in Mesopotamian mythology.
Ten years ago, Raquel founded her San Francisco-based company, Igigi, after a shopping trip with her plus-size mother left her stunned and depressed by the limited options, she said.
Despite the growth in online retail, Yuliya Raquel of Igigi, a plus size fashion retailer, argues brick and mortar stores will still be valued, since fit is of most concern to the plus size consumer.
<p>So it was remarkably easy for the hacker known as "igigi" to exploit RockYou's SQL injection vulnerabilities (basically "poor coding").
But they, the older gods, or Igigi, must hand over the fates, decrees or destinies to Marduk.
The editors further think that the pair Engur and Nas-same-elluti may represent a learned way to refer to the Anunnaki and the Igigi gods (pp.
Subsequently the Anunnaki and the Igigi gods spit upon the clay and humans come to life.
Other phrases and key terms repeat to reinforce this message: e.g., just as the Igigi gods "wait fearfully" (utaqqu palhis, i 6) on Enlil, so Nusku-ibni "fearfully waits" (palhis utaqqu, ii 11) on Enlil.