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 (ĭnz′bro͝ok′, ĭns′-)
A city of western Austria west-southwest of Salzburg. Established as a fortified town c. 1180, it is a commercial center famed as a summer and winter resort.


(Placename) a city in W Austria, on the River Inn at the foot of the Brenner Pass: tourist centre. Pop: 113 392 (2001)


(ˈɪnz brʊk)

a city in W Austria, on the Inn river. 118,000.
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Noun1.Innsbruck - city in southwestern AustriaInnsbruck - city in southwestern Austria; known as a summer and winter resort
Austria, Oesterreich, Republic of Austria - a mountainous republic in central Europe; under the Habsburgs (1278-1918) Austria maintained control of the Holy Roman Empire and was a leader in European politics until the 19th century
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Coomber was fourth in the 2000 World Championship at Igls, and second last year in Calgary behind her biggest rival and greatest friend, Canadian Maya Pedersen.
The verb [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] displaces [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] ("to guard," "watch over") in this, as in some other (for instance, IGLS 1562) adaptations of the psalm verse.
Separately, a site at Tuas South Street 6 (Plot 46) is released for application under the Reserve List of the 2nd half 2014 IGLS Programme.
The hotel corridors have lovely views across Igls, and the room itself was spacious but cosy.
The second was Oberndorf, four miles north of Salzburg and the third was Igls, a delightful village three miles to the south of Innsbruck.
2-4, 39th World Luge Championships from Igls, Austria.
JTC Corporation has launched two sites at Tuas Bay Close and Tuas South Street 7 (Plot 44) for sale under the second half 2014 IGLS Programme.
BOBSLEIGH: Edinburgh's Gillian Cooke roared back to form to finish seventh in the World Cup at Igls, near Innsbruck, in Austria, yesterday.
Men's Bobsled Team will race the BMW two-man bobsled for the first time at the FIBT World Cup in Igls, Austria this Saturday, Jan.
A SEVEN-NIGHT ski holiday in Igls, Austria starts from pounds 199.
Lieutenant Kevin Taaffe, 25, from the Royal Regiment of Wales, was dragged more than 1,500 feet facedown on the run at the Olympia Bobsleigh Race Track at Igls, near Innsbruck.
Building on 15 years of surgical guidance R&D in academic settings, the founders of PTI developed a prototype IGLS system.