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 (ĭg-nā′shəs), Saint Died c. ad 110.
Bishop of Antioch noted especially for his epistles. He was martyred during the reign of the Roman emperor Trajan.


(Biography) Saint, surnamed Theophorus. died ?110 ad, bishop of Antioch. His seven letters, written on his way to his martyrdom in Rome, give valuable insight into the early Christian Church. Feast day: Oct 17 or Dec 17 or 20


(ɪgˈneɪ ʃəs)

Saint (Ignatius Theophorus), A.D. c40–107?, bishop of Antioch and Apostolic Father.
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Noun1.Ignatius - bishop of Antioch who was martyred under the Roman Emperor Trajan (died 110)Ignatius - bishop of Antioch who was martyred under the Roman Emperor Trajan (died 110)


[ɪgˈneɪʃəs] NIgnacio, Íñigo
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"Well!" said Ignatius Wetzel, eying Mercy sternly through his spectacles.
Ignatius Wetzel was still at the bed, bending over the body, and apparently absorbed in examining the wound which had been inflicted by the shell.
As she faced the bed again she also confronted Ignatius Wetzel.
"'Mercy Merrick' is an English name?" pursued Ignatius Wetzel, with his eyes steadily fixed on her.
Left by himself, Ignatius Wetzel, after a first cautious look all round him, opened the upper part of Grace's dress, and laid his left hand on her heart.
Ignatius Wetzel selected two fearful instruments, bright and new, and hugged them to his bosom.
Ignatius Wetzel held up his hand for silence and put his ear close to the patient's mouth.
The devoted man patiently submitted to a formidable essay, father Ignatius was deputed to make in order to convert him to the true faith.
Father Ignatius performed the offices of the church, in a little chapel attached to the estate of Don Augustin; and long ere the sun had begun to fall, Middleton pressed the blushing and timid young Creole to his bosom, his acknowledged and unalienable wife.
Father Ignatius had many doubts, and much secret compunction of conscience; but, like a wise chief, he endeavoured to turn the sad event to some account, in the impending warfare of faith.
In one was depicted the "Illustrious Coxcomb" receiving a shower of blows from Cardinal Bentivoglio, whose servant he had been; another, the "Illustrious Mazarin" acting the part of Ignatius Loyola in a tragedy of that name; a third, the "Illustrious Mazarin" stealing the portfolio of prime minister from Monsieur de Chavigny, who had expected to have it; a fourth, the "Illustrious Coxcomb Mazarin" refusing to give Laporte, the young king's valet, clean sheets, and saving that "it was quite enough for the king of France to have clean sheets every three months."
(8) Another possible influence on Toole as he created Ignatius's worldview and tone could be Mortimer J.