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The Russian Chancellor realised the importance of Bulgaria in Russias policy and facilitated the appointment of charismatic and energetic Nikolai Ignatyev to a diplomatic position in Constantinople.
Nine minutes into the second half, Lokomotiv added a second through Vladislav Ignatyev.
In a recent interview with Vedomosti newspaper, Sergei Ignatyev, ex-head of Russia's central bank, said money laundering schemes were as widespread as ever and estimated that about $50 billion is lost to the Russian economy annually.
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However, the antisymmetric C-N-C band cannot be resolved due to its overlapping with the absorbance band of Si-C[H.sub.2] stretching around 1270-1200 [cm.sup.-1], C-O-C stretching (1240-1020 [cm.sup.-1]) of oxazine structure and formation of hydrogen-bond within silanol (Si-OH) group (1100-1000 [cm.sup.-1]) (Ignatyev et al., 2004).
Outgoing central bank chairman Sergei Ignatyev told Russia's Vedomosti newspaper in February that Russia lost about $49 billion in illicit capital flightin 2012 that spanned tax avoidance, bribes and payments for illegal narcotics.
Sergei Ignatyev, former chairman of the central bank, said in an interview that Russia lost about $49bn in illicit capital flight in 2012 due to tax avoidance, bribes and payments for illegal narcotics.
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