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Noun1.Igor Stravinsky - composer who was born in Russia but lived in the United States after 1939 (1882-1971)
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The founder of the Ballets Russes rewrote the course of ballet history as the company toured Europe and the U.S., championing collaborations with modernist composers, artists and designers such as Igor Stravinsky, Pablo Picasso and Coco Chanel.
LOVERS of dance are in for a treat as Igor Stravinsky's 'The Rite of Spring' comes to Newcastle - with added spice.
The concert program included works by Giuseppe Verdi, Camille Saint-Saens, Igor Stravinsky, Gabriel Faure and Franz Schubert.
A Igor Stravinsky B Jan Sweelinck C Dmitri Shostakovich D Peter Tchaikovsky 14.
On the final point, that it was the Stravinsky women who "facilitated and nurtured the lines of communication between Igor Stravinsky and Nadia Boulanger in the early 1930s", the letters included here are simply too few and too superficial to support this reading (p.
The 90-minute performance saw the duo play 10 pieces of music by renowned composers Fritz Kreisler, Jules Massenet, Igor Stravinsky, Pablo De Sarasate and Vittorio Monti, and violinists Niccolo Paganini and Henryk Wieniawski, along with a selection of traditional Japanese songs.
Mouglalis was cast as Coco Chanel in the 2009 film Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky, directed by Jan Kounen.
For example, for Igor Stravinsky's Rite of Spring, the chapter begins with an adult Jan discussing the piece with one of his students, flashes back to 1946, when he first heard it, and then considers his later experience recording it with the London Symphony Orchestra; it recalls both instances while mixing in the story of the piece's controversial 1913 premiere and an explanation of why it's challenging to play.
In which country was composer Igor Stravinsky born?
Sunday, April 15 at Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship, the Southern Illinois Chamber Music Society closes its season of all-Russian music with a quartet for piano and strings by Sergei Taneyev and "L'Histoire du Soldat" by Igor Stravinsky. The entire concert will be performed by SIU School of Music faculty.
Through texts and music excerpts, both the uniqueness and the universality of Ramuz' literary world will be presented as well as the musicality of his language found in so many of his adaptations of popular Russian folk tales for the composer Igor Stravinsky and in his poems set to music by conductor and composer Ernest Ansermet and composer Jean Binet.