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A large herbivorous ornithiscian dinosaur of the genus Iguanodon of the Cretaceous Period, having a long broad snout with a horny beak, numerous small teeth, and a spike on each thumb.

[New Latin Iguanodōn, genus name : iguana + -odon.]


(Palaeontology) a massive herbivorous long-tailed bipedal dinosaur of the genus Iguanodon, common in Europe and N Africa in Jurassic and Cretaceous times: suborder Ornithopoda (ornithopods)
[C19: New Latin, from iguana + Greek odōn tooth]


(ɪˈgwɑ nəˌdɒn, ɪˈgwæn ə-)

a bipedal, plant-eating dinosaur, of the genus Iguanodon, that inhabited Europe in the early Cretaceous Period.
[< New Latin (1825) < Sp iguan(a) iguana + Greek -odṓn -toothed (see -odont)]
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Noun1.iguanodon - massive herbivorous bipedal dinosaur with a long heavy tailiguanodon - massive herbivorous bipedal dinosaur with a long heavy tail; common in Europe and northern Africa; early Cretaceous period
dinosaur - any of numerous extinct terrestrial reptiles of the Mesozoic era
genus Iguanodon - type genus of the Iguanodontidae
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Visitors can enjoy images of Megalosaurus, Diplodocus and Iguanadon, which all received their names during the 19th century, when the word "dinosaur" was also created.
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It re-opened in June after a PS2.7m redevelopment and includes lots of dinosaur remains like skeletons, Iguanadon footprints and skulls, teeth, limb bones and eggs from Velociraptors and others.
she supposed, barking monsters; the iguanadon, the mammoth, and
"I enjoyed learning more about dinosaurs in the process, but my characters were rather more fanciful than those in Walking With Dinosaurs - including a pink stegosaurus, a blue triceratops and a purple iguanadon.