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A large herbivorous ornithiscian dinosaur of the genus Iguanodon of the Cretaceous Period, having a long broad snout with a horny beak, numerous small teeth, and a spike on each thumb.

[New Latin Iguanodōn, genus name : iguana + -odon.]
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(Palaeontology) a massive herbivorous long-tailed bipedal dinosaur of the genus Iguanodon, common in Europe and N Africa in Jurassic and Cretaceous times: suborder Ornithopoda (ornithopods)
[C19: New Latin, from iguana + Greek odōn tooth]
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(ɪˈgwɑ nəˌdɒn, ɪˈgwæn ə-)

a bipedal, plant-eating dinosaur, of the genus Iguanodon, that inhabited Europe in the early Cretaceous Period.
[< New Latin (1825) < Sp iguan(a) iguana + Greek -odṓn -toothed (see -odont)]
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Noun1.iguanodon - massive herbivorous bipedal dinosaur with a long heavy tailiguanodon - massive herbivorous bipedal dinosaur with a long heavy tail; common in Europe and northern Africa; early Cretaceous period
dinosaur - any of numerous extinct terrestrial reptiles of the Mesozoic era
genus Iguanodon - type genus of the Iguanodontidae
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The following species are signed: Dollodon seelyi (nomen dubium, Norman, 2013), Iguanodon bernissartensis, Mantellisaurus atherfieldensis Proplanicoxa galtoni and Delap-parentia turolensis.
They set out to discover whether the 144-million-year-old dinosaur is an iguanodon atherfieldensis - the type usually found in the south of England - or the much bigger iguanodon bernissartensis.
Taking into account only the confirmed taxa, the Iberian fauna of basal iguanodonts is distributed over the course of the Early Cretaceous as follows: Delapparentia turolensis in the Barremian (RuizOmenaca, 2011), Iguanodon bernissartensis in the Aptian (Gasulla et al., 2014), and Proa valdearinnoensis in the Albian (McDonald et al., 2012b).