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Noun1.Iguanodontidae - iguanodons
reptile family - a family of reptiles
euronithopod, Euronithopoda, Ornithopoda, suborder Euronithopoda, suborder Ornithopoda - widespread group including duck-billed dinosaurs and their early relatives (hadrosaurs, trachodon and iguanodon)
genus Iguanodon - type genus of the Iguanodontidae
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It has some features of the Iguanodontidae teeth noted by Norman and Weishampel (2004); Paul, (2007, 2011) and Norman, (2011, 2013), such as possessing only one replacement tooth per tooth position, the labial surface of the crown is thickly enameled and has a strongly denticulate margin and is dominated by a very large primary ridge arising from the base of the crown.