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a.1.(Paleon.) Like or pertaining to the genus Iguanodon.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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In addition to Delapparentia, the dinosaur record from the Camarillas Formation in Galve is composed of the basal ornithopod Gideonmantellia amosanjuanae (Ruiz-Omenaca et al., 2012), represented by an isolated skeleton, as well as other taxa represented by isolated remains identified as Stegosauria indet., Ornithopoda indet., Iguanodontoidea indet., Sauropoda indet., Euhelopodidae indet., Allosauroidea?
Most of these MASTs differed in the alternative inclusion of a few taxa, the most relevant to our study being the permutation with Proa and Iguanodon as the basal members of Iguanodontoidea. We chose to figure the MAST which includes the greatest number of taxa that are close to Delapparentia in age or palaeobiogeographical distribution.
Delapparentia is recovered in a polytomy with Kukufeldia, Lanzhousaurus, Barilium and the clade equivalent to Iguanodontoidea. Other European iguanodonts from the Early Cretaceous are more derived than Delapparentia.
The modification of the matrix of McDonald (2012a) with additional character states and coding changes has contributed to Delapparentia being placed close to Barilium; concretely, in a polytomy with Barilium, Kukufeldia and Lanzhousaurus and outside the clade Iguanodontoidea. The English Valanginian Kukufeldia is known from a dentary (McDonald et al., 2010a) and has been proposed as a junior synonym of Barilium (Norman, 2011a).
These can be assigned to different taxa: Iguanodontoidea indet., "Hypsilophodontidae" indet., Hadrosauroidea?
Among the identifiable teeth, 80% have been assigned to Iguanodontoidea (216 specimens).
This pattern of single developed ridges and the height of the crowns are synapomorphies of hadrosauroids (Norman, 2002; Godefroit et al., 2005; Vullo et al., 2007), which indicates the presence of a derived member of Iguanodontoidea at La Cantalera.