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(Biography) same as Akhenaten


or A•khe•na•ten

(ɑkˈnɑt n, ˌɑ kə-)

also Akh•na•ton

(ɑkˈnɑt n)

(Amenhotep IV) died 1357? b.c., king of Egypt 1375?-1357?: reformer of ancient Egyptian religion (son of Amenhotep III).
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Screening Times ofKiss Me Notat the 2 nd AswanInternational Women Film Festival(AIWFF) (GMT +2) Monday, 26 February at 07:00 pm at the Ikhnaton Hall, Helnan Cinema.
Freud argues that Moses, an Egyptian, adopted the monotheistic religion of Ikhnaton, a young pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty who forced a strict monotheism on his people.
Among numerous examples are: the persecution of the adherents of Amon of Ikhnaton (Ahmenhotep IV) by the religious establishment of Egypt; of the Canaanites by the Israelites; of Jesus and the early Christians by the Romans; of Buddhists by Shintoists; of Sufis by Orthodox Muslims; of heretics and Jews by Christians; of Muslims by Christians and Christians by Muslims; of Protestants by Catholics and of Catholics by Protestants; of Anabaptists by Lutherans; of sectarians by Eastern Orthodoxy and, indeed, by established churches generally; of "witches" and Quakers by Puritans in the Massachusetts Bay Colony; and of religious dissenters by religious establishments, as in present-day Iran.