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Noun1.Il Duce - Italian fascist dictator (1883-1945)Il Duce - Italian fascist dictator (1883-1945)
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Throughout the book Ialongo traces what was clearly a tumultuous relationship between Marinetti and il Duce, but what emerges as the primary bond between the two is a joint antipathy towards socialism, which they saw as anti-Italian.
Not far from the mayor's office, Il Duce's granddaughter Alessandrawho once resigned from a political party when a ranking member called fascism "evil" and apologized for his country's role in the Shoahnow serves as a senator.
an n a do So in case any pro-Di Canio Sunderland fans think those leftie types among the Black Cats faithful are unfairly tarnishing the reputation of the man you see as Il Duce, they're not.
MUSSOLINI NICKNAME: Il Duce FAVOURITE QUOTE: "Blood alone moves the wheels of history."
He has also expressed a fascination with Il Duce, who led Italy from 1922 to 1943 - all of which is rattling cages.
of an evolved version of Mussolini's nickname Il Duce
The Marlborough trainer went agonisingly close to landing the prize in 2007, when Il Duce was beaten a neck by L'Antartique.
The Marlborough trainer went agonisingly close to landing the prize when Il Duce was beaten a neck by L'Antartique in 2007.
Their romance continues though the future Il Duce is reticent in his expressions of affection and gradually, Dalser is pushed to the fringes of his fervent political activity.
Rocco Della Morte claims that Il Duce gave his father the padlocked, damp-proof zinc suitcase, which bore the initials B.M.
Behind every great man there is a woman and that is certainly the case in Marco Bellocchio''s biopic based on the book The Secret Son Of Il Duce: The Story Of Albino Mussolini And His Mother Ida Dalser.
In his masterful and highly detailed study of Italian diplomacy and military power under fascism, John Gooch examines year by year and in great detail the interaction between Il Duce's foreign policy goals--from 1922 to Italy's entry into the Second World War in 1940--and the response of the army, navy, and air force as they sought to accommodate Mussolini's ever evolving ambitions.