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Noun1.ileocecal valve - valve between the ileum of the small intestine and the cecum of the large intestine; prevents material from flowing back from the large to the small intestine
valve - a structure in a hollow organ (like the heart) with a flap to insure one-way flow of fluid through it
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During rapid air distention, inability to produce a total obstruction by the bending of sigmoid and high pressure allow the flow of air proximally to the next anatomical bending such as splenic flexure and hepatic flexure and ileocaecal valve. This results in a stepwise closed loop obstruction, resulting in other site of the bowel to be injured and perforated (2, 9).
Once through the oesophagus, the majority of FBs pass through the GIT uneventfully, with other possible hold-up points being the pylorus and ileocaecal valve. Endoscopic removal of blunt foreign bodies from the stomach or duodenum is also recommended if the child is symptomatic or if the object is wider than 2.5 cm in diameter or longer than 6 cm in length.
Although each clinical finding suggested a colonic or caecum perforation, during the systematic exploration of the bowel loops, surgeons found free intestinal fluid in the abdomen, fecal peritonitis, and (at 60-70 from ileocaecal valve) a 3 cm linear tear of the ileum which was caused by the curve edge of a shell mussel (Figure 1).
The classical teaching about MD that it occurs in about 2 % of people as discovered in autopsies, the male to female ratio is 3:1, commonly found at 2 feet from the ileocaecal valve and is 2 inches in length.4
Crohn's disease typically presents as "skip-lesions," while both sides of the ileocaecal valve are commonly involved in ileocaecal TB, leading to incompetence of the valve.
During the first two sessions, myofascial-release treatment (MFR) was applied to the abdomen region for abdominal bloating, and strain-counterstrain techniques were applied to the ileocaecal valve and gastroduodenal junction.
Pulled up caecum with narrow ileocaecal valve was present in 2 cases.
For specimen extraction, divide recto sigmoid with endoGIA, remove specimen through RIF's trephine, and divide ileum just proximal to ileocaecal valve extracorporeally.
Biopsy specimens were taken from visible lesions or, in cases of macroscopically normal ileum, one from each quadrant of the terminal ileum at least 5 cm from ileocaecal valve, using multibite biopsy forceps.