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(iˈlyɛ us)

a seaport in E Brazil. 100,687.
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Businessmen Nigel Hodges, 52, Alan Kempson, 46, Sean Woodhall, 43, and Ricky Everys, 41 - as well as two pilots - were travelling from Salvador on the coast to Ilheus.
Teams spent another day combing a 400km sq area in north-eastern Brazil after the twin-engine Cessna 310 they were in lost contact with air-traffic controllers minutes before it was due to land in the coastal city of Ilheus on Friday night.
Edo Bahia, Municipio Ilheus, Thomas, Mattos Silva, dos Santos, Amorim, Jardim & Sant' Aria 10717 (NY); Edo Goias, Serra dos Pirineus.
TAM (Bovespa: TAMM4 and NYSE: TAM) will operate flights linking Congonhas Airport in Sao Paulo to the cities of Ilheus, Porto Seguro, Salvador and Cuiaba during the period of December 1 to March 15, 2008.
For TAP it will involve domestic destinations operated by TAM to several Brazilian capitals and cities such as Belem, Manaus, Sao Luiz, Ilheus, Porto Seguro, Campo Grande, Cuiaba, Aracaju, Vitoria, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, Goiania, Florianopolis, Joao Pessoa, Maceio, Navegantes, Porto Alegre and Foz do Iguacu, in addition to cities in South America (Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Santiago, Chile).
Finally, my chance came to travel through a slice of the sprawling northeastern state--the teeming two-tiered capital, Salvador; the fertile region known as the Reconcavo, which hugs the Baia de Todos os Santos; the bay itself, with its lyrically named islands; and rural towns as far south as Ilheus, Amado's boyhood home.
On the outskirts of Ilheus, a provincial town on Bahia's Atlantic coast, the abandoned structures of large cocoa-processing plants are only the most visible testimony to the economic downfall of the once thriving town.
As for Ilheus and environs, they are too long plagued by the familiar maladies of government corruption and slave importation, now exacerbated by a rumored uprising at a nearby fazenda.
In addition to four soybean processing facilities and its Rondonopolis biodiesel plant, ADM also operates a cocoa processing facility in Ilheus, Bahia, and three fertilizer blending plants - one in Catalao, one in Paranagua and one in Rondonopolis.
The sale encompasses ADM s entire global cocoa business, including processing facilities in Mississauga, Canada; Koog aan de Zaan and Wormer, Netherlands; Mannheim, Germany; Ilheus, Brazil; Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire; Kumasi, Ghana; and Singapore.
3) Departamento de Ciencias Biologicas e de Ciencias Agrarias e Ambientais, Universidade Estadual de Santa Cruz, 45662-900 Ilheus, Bahia, Brazil