Iliac crest

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the upper margin of the ilium.

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'I also did iliac crest graft harvesting which is when they take bone from your hip and they put it in my finger basically because I had a lot of bone loss in my finger due to the infection.
Stevens revealed that Smart was walking around in the locker room after the game, but the team has now confirmed that he suffered a partial avulsion of his left oblique abdominal muscle of his iliac crest that will keep him out for at least four to six weeks.
Unfortunately, before the time of day her ERCP was scheduled she had to undergo surgery for necrotizing fasciitis extending from right side of the iliac crest to the level of 5th rib in the back (Figure 1).
Using bone graft substitutes instead of harvesting autograft from the patient's iliac crest or operative surgical site epitomizes the industry's commitment to improving health outcomes and the overall patient experience.
Four (2.6%) of the patients in PEEK (polyetheretherketone) cage group and 2 (1.3%) in titanium cage group complained of pain at the donor site (iliac crest).
The patient was referred to hematology/ oncology, where he underwent a bone marrow aspirate of his iliac crest. He was subsequently diagnosed with and began treatment for systemic amyloidosis.
Osteocutaneous flaps consist of soft and hard tissue, and bone grafts can be harvested from different donor sites of a patient's body, such as the fibula, iliac crest, radius and scapula.
The pain radiated from his back, into the left iliac crest, groin, and testicle region.
[6] There are different areas in which waist circumference can be measured, (a) point in between the lowest rib and iliac crest, (b) just below the lowest rib.
region is bounded superiorly by the 12th rib, medially by the erector spinae muscles, inferiorly by the iliac crest bone, laterally by the external oblique muscles, floor is by transversalis fascia and roof formed by latissimus dorsi muscles.
For the two patients who have undergone the procedure so far, they collected each woman's own mesenchymal stem cells from her posterior iliac crest bone marrow and used minimally invasive laparoscopy to inject the cells into one ovary, keeping the second, untreated, ovary as a control.
This study was conducted to determine postoperative donor site complications after bone harvesting from iliac crest for maxillofacial reconstruction in patients presented at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS Hospital Islamabad).