Iliamna Lake

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 (ĭl′ē-ăm′nə), Lake
A lake of southwest Alaska at the base of the Alaska Peninsula. Noted for sport fishing, it is the largest lake in the state. Nearby is Mount Iliamna, a volcano rising to 3,053 m (10,016 ft).
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The coverage area includes Anchorage and surrounding villages extending to the Iliamna Lake Region, McGrath, Pribilof Islands, and the Aleutian Chain.
about 30 miles (48 km) east-southeast of Pedro Bay on the shore of Iliamna Lake, at the foot of a mountain chain just west of Cook Inlet, the U.S.
Sitting on the south shore of Iliamna Lake, at the mouth of the Kvichak (KWEE-jack) River, the village is accessible only by light plane, small boat, ATV, or snow machine.
The single-engine deHavilland Beaver, operated by Big Foot Air, had been reported overdue Friday on a flight from Lake Hood in Anchorage to Iliamna Lake, where the passengers were planning to fish.
The phosphorous budget of Iliamna Lake, Alaska, as related to the cyclic abundance of sockeye salmon.
The corridor will include a thirty-mile, thirty-foot wide private gravel road from the south shore of Iliamna Lake to the port site at Amakdedori (a permanent, year-round port on the west side of Cook Inlet constructed for this project), with spur roads connecting to the nearby villages of Iliamna, Newhalen, and Kokhanok.
The magnitude 7.3 quake struck 30 miles east-southeast of Pedro Bay, on the shore of Iliamna Lake, the USGS added.
Dobbs took the current World's Record barren ground from Iliamna Lake, Alaska in 1999.
In addition, the company scaled back its road construction plans by replacing part of an access road with a ferry on Iliamna Lake. The company said it would keep mine tailings in only one of the two main river valleys near the mine site.
That endeavor was targeted at businesses on the eastern side of Bristol Bay and in the Iliamna Lake area.
The Pebble Mine is close to Iliamna Lake, the largest producer of sockeye salmon in the world.