Ilizarov technique

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Il·i·zar·ov technique

n. Ilizarov, técnica de, controlación de osteogenesis con alargamiento del hueso y corrección de deformidades angulares, y de rotación cortando la capa exterior del hueso sin penetrar la cavidad medular.
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Her mother, Rania Al Yezji was equally excited because her daughter would no longer have to go through any more painful surgeries and treatments, with the last one of them being the Ilizarov apparatus, a type of external fixation used in orthopaedic surgery to lengthen or reshape limb bones.
In addition, the Ilizarov apparatus may provide stability even in cases of bone comminution when internal fixation devices can do no better than tenuous fixation.
Cierny (13) and Zorn (13) compared twenty one patients with segmental tibial defects treated with bone transport using the Ilizarov apparatus with twenty three patients with tibial bone defects treated with massive cancellous bone grafts and soft tissue transfer.
It is a system of techniques for bone fixation, distraction, compression, and transport with the application of the Ilizarov apparatus used for a great variety of orthopaedic diseases and injuries.
Then all soft tissues were removed from the replant followed by the curettage of all contents of the medullary canal and fastened to the parent bone by plates or Ilizarov apparatus.
After it the aseptic bandage is put around needles of Ilizarov apparatus and in places of needle impale.
To make it happen, Hoffinger had to break Mary's tibia and fibula to allow surgical attachment of a Taylor Spatial Frame (a type of Ilizarov apparatus named after its Russian inventor) to Mary's leg.
1] Clinical check ups usually are required for several months after the Ilizarov apparatus is removed.
This device, known as an Ilizarov apparatus, has wires that fasten to each end of the tibia, creating tension.
The use of the ilizarov apparatus has been widely reported for such congenital and acquired problems as club foot, radial club hand, joint contracture, leg length discrepancy, and infected and non-infected nonunion of fractures (Ilizarov and soibelman 1969; (24) volkov and oganesian 1975; (25) monticelli and spinelli 1981; (26) messina 1988, (27)).
The Ilizarov apparatus has been widely used since the 1940s for limb lengthening, filling in boney defects, treatment of nonunions (1-5) as well as osteomyelitis.