Ilizarov technique

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Il·i·zar·ov technique

n. Ilizarov, técnica de, controlación de osteogenesis con alargamiento del hueso y corrección de deformidades angulares, y de rotación cortando la capa exterior del hueso sin penetrar la cavidad medular.
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1] Historically, it was managed with massive cancellous bone graft, [1,2] Ilizarov technique, Vascularised fibular graft and limb shortening.
The basic principle of Ilizarov technique is the use of a percutaneous corticotomy that minimizes trauma to the periosteum and preserves the blood supply of the bone marrow and periosteum [15].
26) However, when pediatric tibial lengthening by the conventional Ilizarov technique was compared with the combination of the Ilizarov method and intramedullary alignment using a Kirschner wire, significant differences in duration of external fixation and healing index were found in favor of combined nailing.
The Ilizarov technique is also used to correct long-bone defects after surgical removal of bone neoplasia in human patients, allowing limb preservation and optimizing function.
Versatility of Ilizarov technique in difficult cases of ankle arthrodesis and review of literature.
In February this year, Judith, who suffers from achondroplasia (a form of dwarfism that affects one in 100,000 people) underwent a laborious and expensive surgery called the Ilizarov technique, carried out by Dubai-based paediatric orthopaedic surgeon Dr Marc Sinclair under the aegis of the UK-registered charity, The Little Wings Foundation.
The course covered various aspects of Ilizarov technique and its application in complex orthopedic problems.
Ilizarov Treatment of Congenital Pseudarthrosis of the Tibia: A Multi-Targeted Approach Using the Ilizarov Technique.
11] describe skin expansion for covering soft tissue defects using the Ilizarov technique.
2-7) The time between the injury to the knee and definitive treatment was ranged from 16 weeks to 8 months, and extensive open reconstruction using the Ilizarov technique, Steinmann pin fixation, hinged external fixation or total knee arthroplasty were suggested.
For example, with the Ilizarov technique, an external frame is placed around the leg and slowly adjusted to promote natural bone healing and bone growth.
For example, with the Ilizarov technique, an external flame is placed around the leg and slowly adjusted to promote natural bone healing and bone growth.