Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Director of investment and assurance at SLH, Claire Ryan, said: "We are thrilled to be working with Ilke Homes and Keepmoat Homes on this pilot which are the first modular homes to be built for South Liverpool Homes.
Ilke Onur Kazaz [iD], Ayhan Arslan [iD], Ersagun Karaguzel [iD]
[iD] Ilke Onur Kazaz, [iD] Ahmet Serdar Teoman, [iD] Fatih Colak, [iD] Rasin Ozyavuz
(2) Dalkey ve Helmer'in ortaya attigi Delfi tekniginin cikis noktasini su temel ilke olusturmaktadir; ortada ya fikirbirliginin saglanamadigi bir konunun ya da konuyla ilgili bilgilerin tam olarak toparlanamadigi bir durumun olmasi gerekmektedir.
Two such factories now exist in Yorkshire, one with Legal and General and the other, which opened last week, owned by Ilke Homes.
Selami Ince (1) [iD], Ilke Beyitler (2) [iD], Murat Kocaoglu (3) [iD]
[iD] Nimet Ilke Akcay, [iD] Anthony Awode, [iD] Mariyam Sohail, [iD] Yeliz Baybar, [iD] Kamal Alweithi, [iD] Milad Mahmoud Alilou, [iD] Mumtaz Guran
"Even if the odds are on the incumbent's side, the race is likely to be far tighter than many expected," said Ilke Toygur, analyst at the Elcano Royal Institute and adjunct professor at University Carlos III in Madrid.
Co-author professor Ilke Inceoglu from the University of Exeter explained that self-employed workers typically experience more career satisfaction because they feel that any rewards they experience are almost entirely down to their own individual efforts.