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1. Having definite and distinct lines or features: a well-defined silhouette.
2. Accurately and unambiguously stated or described: a well-defined argument.


adj (well defined when postpositive)
clearly delineated, described, or determined


sharply or clearly stated, outlined, described, etc.: a well-defined character; a well-defined boundary.
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Adj.1.well-defined - having a clean and distinct outline as if precisely cut along the edges; "a finely chiseled nose"; "well-defined features"
distinct - easy to perceive; especially clearly outlined; "a distinct flavor"; "a distinct odor of turpentine"; "a distinct outline"; "the ship appeared as a distinct silhouette"; "distinct fingerprints"
2.well-defined - accurately stated or described; "a set of well-defined values"
ill-defined, unclear - poorly stated or described; "he confuses the reader with ill-defined terms and concepts"


[ˌweldɪˈfaɪnd] ADJbien definido
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As the cost of caring for our veterans escalates, maybe the politicians will have second thoughts about sending people to serve in far away, ill defined, poorly planned wars.
That has complicated the planning and execution of the military campaign and left its objective ill defined for now, the New York Times reports.
The name is sharp and clear on the packet's side, but the river in the background, flowing through the long exposure time, has become nebulous and ill defined.