v. t.1.To treat cruelly or improperly; to ill use; to maltreat.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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He explains that first he "shamefully did her illtreat," and reports, "Then coward-like I drew my knife, / To rob this helpless child of life." Longhurst recalls the murder: "I stabbed her in the throat--her blood did pour,-- /Then left her welt'ring in her gore." And he then continues with the scene of discovery and his grotesque attempt to hide his crime:
Reports to police included extreme cases of when a parent or carer wilfully assaulted, illtreated, neglected, abandoned or exposed their child to serious harm.
The resistance leaders in a statement in Srinagar said, death of Ghulam Hassan Malik during imprisonment has proved the apprehensions of leadership right that Kashmiri prisoners are illtreated in jails.
It had been alleged that 16 instructors - all sergeants or corporals - illtreated 28 schoolleavers who were posted to the Army Foundation College in Harrogate, Yorkshire.
They are accused of genital mutilation of the girl at their home in a South Dublin suburb on September 16 last year and another charge under the Children's Act for allowing a child to be assaulted, illtreated, neglected causing unnecessary suffering or injury.
"She is absolutely fine and there are no signs that she has been illtreated whatsoever.
A COVENTRY veterinary nurse is calling for dogs to be banned from Godiva Festival after seeing animals illtreated. Lucy Pauley said it was 'disgusting' to see the attitude of some owners.
Jason Leigh brings a fierce humour to her demented portrayal of the illtreated character.
Colonel had said to the court that he was not illtreated by ATS personnel as claimed by his family.
That a misguided priest has publicly praised fecundity as God's gift to Filipinos because it produces more Filipinos to be sent abroad as domestic servants, illtreated, underpaid, and sexually abused?
Clive Rees, defending the pair, said Manley had taken illtreated animals into his care in the past.