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Noun1.William Blake - visionary British poet and painter (1757-1827)William Blake - visionary British poet and painter (1757-1827)
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However, the data, charts, and factual information are also salutary in reminding us that Blake was making a living, albeit a limited one, outside the worlds of eternity represented through his illuminated printing. Bentley reminds us of an essential financial truth throughout Blake's career: "From 1780 to 1799, more than 90 per cent of his income derived from his commercial engravings" (103).
The Essick/Viscomi account of illuminated publishing is distinguishable from but not incompatible with the Romantic artist's common assertion that a higher consciousness than that of the author's quotidian self contributed to his or her productions, and both Essick and Viscomi align such claims by Blake with their description of the motivations behind illuminated printing. They also emphasize that Blake did not have to produce finished designs, texts, or layouts before he worked on the printing plates, and that he maintained freedom to improvise and respond to contingencies at various stages of his process.
He combined his facility with the word and brush in "illuminated printing," a technique rooted in the Middle Ages, to bring poetry to the reader through the eye of the poet's own imagination.
He called it "illuminated printing" and the first book to use the new technique was Songs of Innocence in 1789.