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also I·lo·ka·no  (ē′lō-kä′nō)
n. pl. Ilocano or I·lo·ca·nos also Ilokano or I·lo·ka·nos
1. A member of an agricultural people of northern Luzon in the Philippines.
2. The Austronesian language of the Ilocano.
Relating to the Ilocano or their language or culture.

[Spanish Ilócano, from Ilocano Ilóko, people who live along the shore (unattested sense), Austronesian people of the Philippines; perhaps akin to luék, luók, cove.]
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or I•lo•ka•no

(ˌi loʊˈkɑ noʊ)

n., pl. -nos, (esp. collectively) -no.
1. a member of a people of the Philippines, mainly of NW and central Luzon.
2. the Austronesian language of the Ilocanos.
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Hundreds of Filipinos of Ilocano lineage gathered in Taichung on Sunday to celebrate their heritage with presentations of dance, music, and a beauty pageant with a twist.
An avid foodie herself, Carag, with her 5-year-old daughter Cefina in tow, has eaten her way around town and knows exactly where to take people to enjoy Ilocano specialties.
GOOD, OLD ILOCANO CUISINE: People in the North need not go far to have a taste of good food.
Well-loved Ilocano musicans Noel Cabangon and Davey Langit are taking part in the event and will perform Ilocano compositions.
Erik Matti (@ErikMatti) April 29, 2019 Erik also suggested Ilocano fried empanada as he thinks it is "more truly Filipino." "Ilocano fried empanada is much more truly Filipino.
She took over the reins of her husband Diego Silang's revolutionary movement after his assassination in 1763, leading the Ilocano rebel movement for four months before she was captured and executed by the colonial government of the Spanish East Indies (image source:
When asked by a netizen if she knew that the music fest for Marcos' birthday celebration, Moira replied that the organizers described the event as the Ilocano Millennial Night.
I am proud to be an Ilocano. I hope more tourists will discover the wonders of Vigan!" said Myra Chavez, working as a Document Controller.
By Joey Aguilar/Correspondent Some 106 distressed overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) have received early Christmas gifts from the Confederation of Ilocano Association known as Samahang Ilocano (CIASI 61892) and One World Choir recently.
Kapangpangan and Ilocano in my left, or the pork rinds