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also I·lo·ka·no  (ē′lō-kä′nō)
n. pl. Ilocano or I·lo·ca·nos also Ilokano or I·lo·ka·nos
1. A member of an agricultural people of northern Luzon in the Philippines.
2. The Austronesian language of the Ilocano.
Relating to the Ilocano or their language or culture.

[Spanish Ilócano, from Ilocano Ilóko, people who live along the shore (unattested sense), Austronesian people of the Philippines; perhaps akin to luék, luók, cove.]
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or I•lo•ka•no

(ˌi loʊˈkɑ noʊ)

n., pl. -nos, (esp. collectively) -no.
1. a member of a people of the Philippines, mainly of NW and central Luzon.
2. the Austronesian language of the Ilocanos.
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Since then, the festival has been drawing the largest crowd of Ilocanos as well as balikbayans, visitors from neighboring provinces, celebrity guests, and art and culture enthusiasts.
When informed that his men suffered heavy casualties during a battle, that battalion commander said: 'Di bale, marami pang Ilocano sa Luzon (Never mind, there are still many Ilocanos in Luzon).
Ilocanos will also be treated to a scary film fair as the "Ar-aria Short Horror Film Festival" showcases the creativity of the Ilocano youth during its three-day free film-screening beginning tomorrow at La Tabacalera Lifestyle Center, here.
In a statement issued on Thursday (April 13), Marcos said 61 per cent of Ilocos Norte families rely on remittances from overseas Filipino workers (OFW), adding that Ilocos Norte receives the highest dollar remittances earned from 'the blood, sweat and tears of our fellow Ilocanos.'
But there is another big group here which are the Ilocanos and this is where the problem may arise because Ilocanos are known here as very parochial," the local official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.
'When I hold fashion shows in Hawaii and the US West Coast, Ilocanos appreciate clothes made from our native fabrics.
Ilocanos use the five-inch purple tarong, which is as thin as a thumb, for their famous dinengdeng.
Hundreds of Ilocanos gathered here on Saturday, describing the 1986 Edsa People Power Revolution as 'fake' and decrying what they said were attempts to destabilize the Duterte administration.
Called by Ilocanos as papaet or papait, salisalida is known scientifically as Glinus oppositifolius and is much sought after as an ingredient in dinengdeng, salad, torta (omelet), and other simple dishes.
Crowds of Ilocanos were out on the streets early Sunday morning, eager to catch a glimpse of 20 beauty queens from various countries who are participating in the Jan.
At least 1,000 policemen have been assigned to secure 20 candidates of the Miss Universe pageant when they visit this heritage city on Sunday, as residents help clean up Calle Crisologo where Ilocanos will be given their best chance to watch the contestants up close.
"The process of making of the Batac empanada is a manifestation of the totality of the socially transmitted patterns of behavior and characteristics of the Ilocanos - their being industrious, resourceful, creative, and frugal.