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 (kăp′chə) Computers
A security feature, as on a webpage, that attempts to distinguish between legitimate human users and bots by requiring users to perform a mildly challenging task such as deciphering distorted text.

[Acronym of c(ompletely) a(utomated) p(ublic) T(uring test to tell) c(omputers and) h(umans) a(part), coined in 2000 by the researchers who developed the security feature and intended to suggest a colloquial pronunciation of capture.]
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(Communications & Information) a test in which the user of a website is asked to decipher a distorted image, used to protect the website against automated attacks
[C21: acronym for C(ompletely) A(utomated) P(ublic Turing Test to) T(ell) C(omputers and) H(umans) A(part)]
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In the feature matrix, the relationship between the coefficient of each non-overlapping block and the mean value of the blocks is used to produce the OSI for image verification, and a codebook is not required.
They help ensure accurate, consistent image viewing between healthcare professionals and for patient consultations and image verification with a Quad HD 27-inch or WUXGA 24-inch diagonal display.
The use of hyperspectral imaging for image verification was the subject of the November 2016 article in the 'Printing Beyond Colour' series in Authentication News.
The system also prints and applies the prescription and auxiliary labels and organizes uncapped vials for final inspection using onscreen drug image verification.
Cachet's CheckReview product monitors the deposits with realtime image verification, and MnIPC completes the cycle by processing Northwoods Credit Union's checks, the companies said.
The level one portion of the network is designed to provide intrusion alarm while the level 2 sensors will provide image verification that the perimeter has been breached.
With the recent addition of two Pitney Bowes FlowMaster[R] inline Inserters with optional camera verification systems, and in-line ink jetting station capabilities, they will continue to lead the direct mail industry by providing custom insert options to customers, producing a final product faster, and offering image verification of each envelope insuring 100% accuracy every time.
In addition to identifying print errors in real time, including hickeys, blemishes, streaks, voids, and out-of-position and out-of-alignment images, Lake Image Systems IntegraVision and IntegraVision PQ can be equipped with full color cameras for enhanced operator image verification. The color capability of Lake Image Systems IntegraVision and IntegraVision PQ provides operators with a positive visual verification of printing integrity, as well as a record of color integrity which can be shown to print customers.
ACS will also perform image verification to confirm the violation occurred and will provide training for city employees.
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