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hot spot

or hot·spot  (hŏt′spŏt′)
1. An area in which there is dangerous unrest or hostile action: "opportunities ... for United Nations forces to play a constructive role in some of the world's hot spots" (Paul Lewis).
2. Informal A lively and popular place, such as a nightclub.
3. An area of intense heat, radiation, or activity.
4. A location where Wi-Fi is publicly available.
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Noun1.hotspot - a place of political unrest and potential violence; "the United States cannot police all of the world's hot spots"
2.hotspot - a point of relatively intense heat or radiation
point - the precise location of something; a spatially limited location; "she walked to a point where she could survey the whole street"
3.hotspot - a lively entertainment spot
spot - a business establishment for entertainment; "night spot"
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